“Fast Slow Food” of Trasimeno

The products of our territory are the main element of “Il Cantinone”. Many proposals linked to Trasimeno and Umbria both in dishes and in wines. A mix of unique flavors, in a cool and jovial atmosphere, its strong point.

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Our philosophy



Simple and fast proposals, conceived with wisdom and respect for the traditions of our territory, selecting the best local suppliers. Gourmet proposals ready in a few minutes!


"Cantinone" is mainly wine ... a selection of the best wines of our territory and beyond. At all times, in all ways!


But "Cantinone" is also music and atmosphere ... to spend a quick lunch or an evening with friends.
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"Porta Via" everything you see on the menu: every proposal can be packed for consumption in a garden, by the lake, at home, in the office, by car ... everywhere!

Gourmet Panini, Carpacci, Salads and Good Wine

The search for the best suppliers comes from the need to create a high quality culinary proposal. Dine our dishes inside your room or wherever you like, thanks to the practical Take Away packs. . All to match with the wines chosen daily by our staff.

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The events of Cantinone


Happy Hour de "Cantinone" is the right time to try the wines and flavors of Trasimeno

Live Music

So much live music, all year round, to stay in company and in joy.